About Star Stories


When the ancient wisdoms of the universe held by the oldest culture on earth meet modern astrophysics a new concept is born - cultural astronomy.

Increasingly Aboriginal people in Australia are being recognised as the first astronomers.

In the meeting of minds between Prof Ray Norris, CSIRO astrophysicist project leader of the Evolutionary Mapping of the Universe (EMU) and Ghillar extraordinary parallels emerge in the two cultures - such as 'wormholes' and the pathway to Bullima, the Euahlayi Sky Camp, via the hollow Coolabah tree.

In Star Stories of The Dreaming Ghillar Michael Anderson shares publicly for the first time teachings passed to him as the knowledge holder for his People, the Euahlayi.

Star Stories of The Dreaming includes the Euahlayi Stories for:

▪ Wurrum-boorrool - Big river in the sky (Milky Way)

▪ Mil-Mulliyan - Eye of the Creator – Venus – Evening star

▪ Mulliyan-gar - Eye of the Creator - Morning Star - Mars

▪ Goolee-bhar - Coolabah tree hollow, way to Bullima, the Sky Camp – Coalsack Dark nebula

▪ Moo-dthe-gar - White cockatoos – 5 Stars of Southern Cross

▪ Goomar-why - Sacred Fire near coolibah tree– Alpha Centauri Pointer of Southern Cross

▪ Wunnargudjilwon - 3rd wife of Bhiaime - Large Magellanic Cloud

▪ Wullar-gooran-bhoon - Younger brother to Wunnargudjilwon - Small Magellanic Cloud

▪ Birringooloo - Mother Nature – Uluru her resting place

▪ Gunumbielie - 2nd wife of Bhiaime, Caterer who now lives at Goomar-why, Sacred Fire

▪ Gwaimudthun & Gweeghular – Night & Day– Dark & Light - moieties – 19 mile plain, Brewarrina

▪ Garwaar-ghoo - Featherless Emu - Dark nebulae in Milky Way, Dust lanes and Galactic bulge

▪ Bahloo - Moon, Waan – crow; Oolah – wood geckco

▪ Yhi – sun

▪ Mei Mei – Seven Sisters – Pleiades – Narran Lake and surrounding lakes; Bigoon – water rat; Gayadharri – platypus, Ghay-gharn - wood duck

▪ Birray Birray – Brothers – Orion's Belt

▪ Womba Womba yiraay - Crazy Old Man at his camp - Aldebran

▪ Wirrawilbaarru – Whirly wind – Bad spirit travels inside whirlywind – lives behind Scorpio and entry in and out is through black holes in Scorpio;

▪ Buuliis – baldy mounds

▪ Star maps/astral navigational waypoints – two chains of waterholes – Beta Sagittarii to Gamma Arae; Beta Sagittarii to Zeta Scorpii

These are phonetic spellings of Euahlayi words